NEW! Virtual Family Parties!


Hi, I’m Randall Thompson. Welcome to Virtual Clowning! We have been offering a virtual performance to many of our regularly established clients and the reviews are awesome.

How it works: The idea is that the performer is looking through the screen and creating a virtual reality of sorts.
The client and I talk through text, e-mail or phone and discuss the party. Part of our conversation involves collecting basic information on those who will be at the event so we can customize the presentation. The names of people in attendance including pets is basic and then extra information on  the birthday or special event star makes it special. We add elements like what they are wearing, what they want for a present and other ideas for making the video personal.

We then create the party video using clips of us performing magic, juggling and fire if appropriate. Between each scene, we add fresh custom clips that personalize the experience. The show lasts 20-30 minutes.


Once finished, we upload the video to the cloud service of your choice or private YouTube link. You can then view, download and pay with PayPal or card. The fee is only $100 for private parties and $200 for other events. Below is a virtual festival act  to give you some ideas.




Tailoring our characters, costuming, props and performances for your specific needs, our highly skilled clowns, jugglers, fire eaters and magicians help make your event great. We are a family troupe, famous for acting in a wide range of characters from Christmas Elves to exotic fire eaters and super heroes to over the top chefs, mad scientists,  and whatever you can dream up to add a nice touch to your event.

Stage and Walk Around with juggling, magic, clowning workshops and more. Any event, large or small.

Outdoor festivals and events of are one of our favorite venues featuring fun and fast paced stage shows including a lot of audience participation. Our roving acts include impromptu mini shows, personal close up magic, juggling and more.
Fun with fire! Fire juggling and dramatic fire eating never cease to amaze and delight as the close to a show or as a roving encounter.


Mall Specialists for any event

Entertaining guests in line to see Santa, walking around the mall as Uncle Sam during Independence Day events, Pirate Day, leading Easter Bunny parades, attracting guests to new store openings and anything a Marketing Director might dream up. We've been performing at Major Malls throughout the Southeast for over thirty five years.


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